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According to the curriculum, 270 student practice hours are scheduled for the specialization Agriculture during a bachelor study cycle, which are distributed as follows::

*30 hours are equivalent to one week of practice

The content of the subject Practice within the specialization Agriculture is constantly reviewed and improved, so as to meet fully the requirements of the specialization curriculum as well as the students’ needs to acquire specific knowledge and practical skills. p1

Activities are targeted to help students acquire the experience necessary to agronomy specialists. Thus, student practice hours are related to subjects in the field as provided by the curriculum for each year of study, being coordinated and guided by the teachers responsible for the overall organization of practical activities.

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In the second year of study, students conduct practice for Agrochemistry, Agrotechny, Soil Science and Plant Protection. The objectives of the practice are the following:

In the third year, the practice corresponding to the disciplines Phytotechny and Grassland farming target the following objectives:

The third year student practice may also be conducted in the form of internships in companies (commercial units) partners of the Faculty of Agriculture with which agreements have been signed, as well as other economic institutions or enterprises related to agriculture. Students may choose among these in order to carry out the required practice.

Practice tutors are responsible for training and supervising students to ensure the appropriate development of activities conducted within the Faculty and the companies to which students have been assigned, according to the practice agreements which have been signed.

The practice stage ends with a colloquy, consisting of checking the documents prepared during the internship (certificate of practice, practice specifications) and presenting individual essays based on data collection and processing in the field.

Students are guided by the Faculty of Agriculture towards companies and other institutions where their internship practice will take place.

During the fourth study year, under the guidance of coordinating teachers, students complete their specialty practice and the practice for drafting their Diploma project according to the drafting Guidelines. This activity is based on studies, research, experiments and results from previous years, when students had enrolled in scientific circles in various disciplines.

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