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Credit is a numerical value representing the amount of work needed for each discipline to be learned. Credit is therefore a conventional unit measuring student workload claimed in different ways such as attending courses, seminars and laboratory works, individual study, development of projects and essays, practice, exams, tests or colloquia.
In courses is required frequency at least 30% of the total class hours. In seminars, workshops or practical work presence is mandatory. The absented hours shall be motivated by the faculty and recovered in full. A fee is required for the recovery of these hours.
Failure to meet these minimum requirements will lead to inability to obtain credit. Credits measure the amount of work necessary and sufficient in all its forms, the student alleged to promote a certain discipline. Number of credits required to obtain a university degree in FZB is 240, with an annual value of 60 credits (4 years x 60 credits = 240).
Weekly number of physical hours, calculated for the compulsory and optional disciplines is an average of 24.5 hours. This can be translated to an average 5 hours a day teaching activity.
In accordance with current rules contained in educational reform in Romania, a student must carry a minimum activity of 40 hours of preparation per week, of which 15-16 hours must represent individual study, which meant about 3-4 hours / day. Activity of individual study refers to preparing essays, projects, bibliographic studies, homework, etc. The student receives the full credit assigned to a course with the condition to promote the attended discipline. Once acquired, the credit is imperishable.
Passing and promotion rules:
In the same cycle, passing from one to the next year of study is through registration.
Conditions for promotion and enrolment in the next year of study are:
- Obtaining all credits or a total of at least 2/3 of total, meaning 40 credits of 60;
- Passing the disciplines of sports and practice.
Credits not taken can be obtained during the academic year, until the autumn session of respective year. Examination for accumulation of the remaining credits is done by student request, based on an examination fee established by the Senate of USAMVB. In this case the number of examinations is limited.
Students who do not get the minimum number of credits or do not get on time the remaining credits will be expelled, with the right to re-registration in the un-promoted year of study, with the conditions of payment of tuition and re-registration fees. Tuition fee is fixed in proportion to the number of un-gained credits, reported the annual tuition fee.
At any discipline, the student is entitled to two examinations without charge, but only in scheduled sessions. For any additional examination a fee need to be paid. Remaining exams are held only in the sessions scheduled at dates agreed with the head of discipline.
Reexaminations for increasing the grades are approved only for disciplines, with the condition of accumulation of all credits from respective year. When the number of free examination was exceeded, reexaminations are held after the payment of fees.
It is considered integrallist and respectively promoted, the student who obtains in time after each session, the credits stipulated in the curriculum.
In any case, at a promoted discipline, the obtained credit remains valid.

For motivation of absences, the medical certificates are taken into account. They must be presented to the secretariat of the faculty for approval within 10 days of the issuance of these documents. 

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