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 Duties of the Faculty Quality Evaluation and Assurance Commission (CEAC-FZB)

1. Coordinates the activity for quality evaluation and assurance at the Faculty level;
2. Participates to the instruments elaboration for quality evaluation and assurance of the educational programmes and to the setting up of the quality standards of the Faculty, together with the University Commission on Quality Evaluation and Assurance;
3. Participates to the internal audits and the quality evaluation of the study programmes coordinated by the Faculty and its departments;
4. Monitors the results of the quality evaluations carried out at the study programmes level, based on the three domains and levels (according to Law 87/2006): institutional capacity, educational efficiency, and quality management;
5. Elaborates annually the Report on quality evaluation of the study programmes;
6. Provide the Faculty Council with the summary of the results regarding the study programmes quality carried out by the Faculty and the stage of the quality improvement actions;
7. Participates to the instruction actions in the quality field and to the university quality culture implementation;


• Creating a favourable climate for innovation in the field of quality;
• Coordinating the procedures enforcement and the activities of quality evaluation and assurance, approved by the education providing management, according to the domains and criteria specified in art. 10 of the Law 87/2006;
• Accelerated and significant development of the internal and international relationships in the university field and scientific research by creating university consortia;
• Improvement and diversifying the student-teacher relationship by using new forms, methods and means and by organizing student scientific sessions, and by involving students in the research activities;
• Curricula and study programmes development, creating new educational offers required by the labour market;
• Quality assurance system improvement within the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnologies of Timi┬║oara and increasing the performance indicators regarding the study programmes quality to the level of requirements imposed by the Law 87/2006 and ARACIS norms, regarding the institutional capacity,

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