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1. Mission

The Master study programme of Environmental and Natural Resource Management ensures academic training for EQF level 7 (Bologna Second Cycle – Master’s level). The programme has the mission of training specialists in the field of environmental engineering and fields related to natural resource management, professionals who are able to integrate rapidly in a competition-based and dynamic professional environment. The programme also aims to build scientific research skills in the domain of complex integrated ecosystem management and training consultancy competences in these areas.

2. Objectives

  1. Training specialists for the public and private sectors, for non-governmental organisations able to approach environmental/ecological issues in a systematic and transversal manner with a view to sustainable development. The curriculum and subsequent activities contribute to training competences for activities such as:
    1. Conception (interdisciplinary situation analysis and elaborating projects, measure plans, impact studies, etc.).
    2. Implementing projects with an ecological/environmental component (project manager, expert, etc.).
    3. Monitoring (the state and evolution of the environment – in state agencies, private enterprises, NGOs).
    4. Communicating-counselling-training in environmental issues/naturally renewable resource management.
  2. Initiation in the research of interdisciplinary issues related to naturally renewable resource management, by enhancing concepts, trends and current methods in the field.
  3. Developing, enhancing, and integrating knowledge from disciplines and domains required in sustainable development.
  4. Carrying out professional projects individually and in multidisciplinary teams, on time and in compliance with deontological ethics and cultural diversity.
  5. Training skills for identifying trends in the complex domain of natural resource management (primarily renewable resources) and individual professional development needs, while targeting adaptability and flexibility enhancement.
  6. Developing professional communication skills in relation to various organisations, institutions from the public and private sectors, NGOs, etc.

3. Curriculum


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