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1. Academic Mission

To form agricultural engineers specialized in plant protection able to conceive and apply plant protection strategies specific for agricultural systems.

2. Study Programme Objectives

The plant protection academic programme objectives are:

General objectives, regarding the general aricultural engineer qualification plan:
  • Acquiring knowledge about abiotic and biotic factors which determine the agricultural production in general and and the production of crops in ecologic execution systems;
  • Acquiring knowledge about vegetal organism biology, originating from agricultural ecosystems relevant for sustainable agriculture;
  • Acquiring knowledge about elements from biochemistry, genetics and plant physiology which intervine in the relationship between plants, on the one hand, and pathogenic agents and vermin, on the other;
  • Acquiring knowledge about mathematical, statistical and informational procedures for quantitative and qualitative determination of pathogenic agents and vermin attack on agricultural crops;
  • Acquiring knowledge about the energy base and equipment used in agriculture with an accent on the ones used in plant protection;
  • Acquiring technologies for the integrated production of agricultural plants;
  • Acquiring knowledge about the relation between agricultural production and adjacent sectors, of some financial accounting, legal, public relations etc. elements.
Specific objectives of the bachelor programm, regarding the characteristics of an agricultural engineer specializing in plant protection are:
  • Acquiring knowledge about elements of natural resource protection and improvement in agriculture.
  • Acquiring direct knowledge about the relationship between parasites and cultivated plants;
  • Acquiring knowledge about the equipment used in the plant protection sector;
  • Acquiring knowledge about how to improve the plants health state and how to improve plant products through methods associated with the concept of sustainable agriculture;
  • Acquiring knowledge about how to evaluate disease prevention and vermin prevention possibilities before resorting to radical therapy methods, in order to reduce production expenses and increase efficiency of the applied technology, as well as achieving sustainable agriculture principles;
  • Acquiring knowledge about possibilities to improve the natural resistance capacity and through non-polluting methods to pathologic and physiologic stress factors of agricultural and horticultural crops;

3. Academic disciplines


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The Plant Protection specialization study period is of 4 years for the full-time study mode.
The diploma and the title received by the graduates are that of diploma engineer.
The full-time study specialization is temporarily certified to function according to the regulations of HG . 410 from 25.04.2002.

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